CUET KUET RUET Admission Result 2024 PDF Download

During the pandemic, most universities in Bangladesh decided to have a combined admission test. Among them, engineering institutes were the most popular choice for admission. CUET, KUET, and RUET authorities decided to conduct a joint admission test. Since then, these three engineering universities have been holding their admission tests together every year. The RUET KUET CUET Admission Result 2024 was published today on 8 March 2024. 

The integrated admission test for RUET, KUET, and CUET has already taken place, and the results are now available. This is good news for the exam takers. If you took the entrance exam, you can now check your results. Many people were anxious about the entrance exam, but the results for those who participated in the RUET CUET KUET admission test have been released. In this post, we will discuss in detail how you can check your results. You can easily view your result on the official website, so go ahead and check it now.

CUET KUET RUET Admission Result 2024

The results for 2023-2024 for CUET, RUET, and KUET for all units are now available on the website. We will explain the steps to check the results for Cuet Ruet Kuet units. Some candidates couldn’t find their results when they were announced. Are you one of those candidates searching for your results in different places? But, unfortunately, you still haven’t found them. This article is specifically for you today. You can easily check your results by following the admission result guidelines. You don’t need to go anywhere else. We have provided detailed instructions for checking the results here.

CUET KUET RUET Admission Result 2024

The admission tests for Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology, Khulna University of Engineering and Technology, and Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology have already happened. Now, we’ll explain how candidates can get their results easily. Just follow these steps, and you can get your results in a few minutes. Our website has the correct results, and you can trust the rules we’ve shared. So, check your results by following the steps below.

This year, the engineering and technology universities organized a combined admission exam. Many students who come from a science background aspire to study in these universities and become engineers. Only students with the required qualifications set by the authorities can take part in the admission test. These universities are currently the top institutes in Bangladesh. The admission test is considered a tough challenge for students, but now the results are available.

You can find the results on the official website in a PDF format, which is called the soft copy of the result. Any student can print this soft copy as evidence of their admission result.

CUET KUET RUET Admission Result 2024-1
CUET KUET RUET Admission Result 2024-2

How to check CUET KUET RUET Admission Result

To see the admission results for CUET, KUET, and RUET in 2024, go to the website You can also check the results on the websites of the three universities. If you’re on the merit list, you’ll get an SMS from the admission committee. Follow these steps to view the CUET KUET RUET Merit List 2024:

  • Click on this link:
  • You’ll reach the admission test page.
  • Look at the top right side of the page, and there you’ll find a button.
  • Click on the button to see options, and then choose “Admission Result.”
  • You’ll find the complete PDF list of eligible candidates for the Combined CUET KUET RUET Admission Result.

CUET KUET RUET Admission Result 2024 PDF

The results for admission to Chittagong, Khulna, and Rajshahi Universities of Engineering and Technology are out now. You can find the merit list and waiting list in a PDF format. To see if you got in, download the PDF of the merit list from the admission website. If you passed the admission test, you need to complete the university and subject preference form.

Go to to submit your subject preferences. Remember, once you fill out the form, you can’t change it. The CKRUET Result 2024 has instructions about this. The university and department you get into depend on your merit rank and the preferences you choose. So, go ahead and check the admission result PDF. We’ve already posted the PDF file below.

CKRUET Result Publishing Notice09 March 2024
MERIT LIST-KA09 March 2024
MERIT LIST-KHA09 March 2024
Bandarban Tribal Merit-KA09 March 2024
Bandarban Tribal Merit-KHA09 March 2024
Chattogram Hill Tracts Tribal Merit-KA09 March 2024
Chattogram Hill Tracts Tribal Merit-KHA09 March 2024 result

The official website for the Combined Admission System of Engineering and Technology University is This year, CUET, KUET, and RUET conducted their admission tests together in a cluster system. These three universities agreed to conduct the admission test jointly. The purpose of this website is to help you understand the Integrated Admission System of RUET, CUET, and KUET. You will find official information about application instructions and other details here.

Additionally, you can easily check the admission test results on this website. It is the only official source. Just go to the official website at There, you can view the merit list and waiting list. Check your results by the lists provided. So, visit the website now and download your result.


Did you take the university admission test for RUET, CUET, or KUET? You can now see the merit and waiting lists without going to different websites. Just use this website to check your results. Get your results from the list. Share this article with your friends if it helps you.

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