GST Result C Unit 2024 – গুচ্ছ মানবিক ইউনিটের রেজাল্ট দেখুন

The GST Result 2024 is now available for C Unit. The GST Result C Unit 2024 has been Released on, 12 May 2024, for the Humanities Group Admission Test. It can be checked through the website. Selected Candidates will also be informed by SMS about their Results.

The GST application process started on February 12, 2024, and after a long wait, it’s finally complete. The Admission Test took place on April 27, May 3, and May 10, 2024. Now, students are eagerly awaiting the GST Admission Test result for 2024 because it’s a whole new system. But don’t worry, you’ll find all the detailed results right here. 

This year, many public universities have agreed to join the Integrated Admission System. After several discussions and meetings, 24 universities in General and Science Technology fields decided to participate in the Cluster Admission system. In this article, we’ll provide you with a thorough overview of the GST University Admission Result 2024. The Admission Results for Units A, B, and C at these 24 public universities in Bangladesh have been announced on the official website, The results are divided into three categories: Science (Unit A), Humanities (Unit B), and Commerce (Unit C).

GST Result 2024

The authorities introduced a Cluster Admission System to make things easier for students. This system covers both General and Science Technology Universities. A total of 24 universities have agreed to participate in this Cluster System, as mentioned before. They’ve set up an Admission Committee to manage the whole process. In short, GST stands for General Universities and Science and Technology University, combining the admission process for these institutions.

The admission test results for the science, commerce, and arts streams across 24 General Science and Technology Universities will be announced. These results, categorized into A, B, and C units, will be available on the website.

How to Check the GST Result 2024?

Checking the GST Admission Result online is a quick and easy method. You can do this by visiting the official website. There are three ways the authority announces the results. Firstly, you can check it online by entering your Admission Roll Number. Alternatively, you can download the GST Result 2024 PDF file and search for your Roll Number there.

Moreover, if you provided your mobile number during the application process, the authority might also send you the GST Result 2024 via SMS.

To easily get your result from here, just follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Go to, which is the official website for GST admission results.
  2. Select Your Unit: Choose the unit (A, B, or C) that matches your educational background.
  3. Enter Your Credentials: Put in your admission roll number or any other info needed to access your result.
  4. View the Result: Your result will pop up on the screen. It will tell you if you’re chosen for the final application or not.
  5. Download and Save: If there’s an option, download the result for later. They might have a PDF version to make it easier.
  6. Follow Further Instructions: If you’re selected, follow the extra steps given for the final application process.

GST Result 2024 by SMS

Many students wonder if they can check the GST Result 2024 through mobile SMS. The answer to this question is that the GST Result 2024 will indeed be provided through SMS. However, there is no option for students to send an SMS to get their result. Instead, the authority will send the GST Result 2024 to students via mobile SMS after it is published. Initially, only selected candidates will receive the SMS for confirmation. Result 2024

Most students know that is the official website for official information. To find your GST result for 2024, you need to follow some steps. Visit the government’s official website for GST results: Look for the notice board or result section on the website. You’ll find a link to your result in a PDF file. Click on the provided link. After clicking, you’ll be able to download or check your GST result.

GST Result B Unit 2024

The General, Science, and Technology University Admission Committee plans to publish the admission results not only on their official website and public university notice boards but also distribute them through SMS. Every year, the committee releases three separate lists ranking candidates based on their prior exam performances.

The primary source for these results is the website. Results are posted here as soon as they are ready, allowing students to check their outcomes using their admission roll or application number.

Once the results are announced, students can download a PDF file containing their results from this website. The download links become active after the results are released. Below are the steps students should follow to check their admission status:

The General Science and Technology University’s official website publishes a list of eligible candidates and the Primary Application Selection Result. Inclusion in this list of eligible candidates is necessary for consideration in the final application process.

All applicants who submitted a Primary Application in 2024 are eligible to be included in the list of candidates for the GST admission final application. To access the GST Primary Application’s preliminary result, visit and select Preliminary Result. Then, download the list and sort the results by Application Number to find the correct ones.

GST A Unit Result 2024

The GST A Unit Admission Result 2024 is out now! It got published today, both online and through SMS. To check if you made it, head over to the result website. You’ll also get an SMS notification about your result.

Now, let’s talk about the test. It was for science group students and happened on April 27, 2024, between 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. This test was a multiple-choice type, with a total of 100 marks. Subjects included Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Higher Mathematics, Bengali, and English.

Your score in this test matters a lot. It decides your place in the merit list. Universities will look at this score when you apply for admission. This year, there’s a change. Instead of individual admissions by universities, they’ll use a cluster system. That means one score can get you into any of the 22 universities.

To check your result, visit result 2024 website, which is the official site. Log in to your account there, and you’ll find your result.

To find out the GST A Unit Admission Result 2024 along with your Detailed Score, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the website by clicking here.
  2. Select the Student Login option.
  3. Enter your Application ID and Password.
  4. Click on the login button.
  5. Check your result from the result option on the dashboard.

GST B Unit Result 2024

The GST Result for the 2024 B Unit is out now! This admission test was specifically for students in the Humanities group and took place on May 3, 2024. Across the country, the exam was held in 29 different centers, with a whopping total of over 96,435 students participating.

Today, the results have been unveiled. Unlike traditional pass or fail outcomes, candidates receive scores based on their performance in the test. These scores will play a crucial role in securing admission to 24 public universities. But before that, students need to indicate their preferred subjects and universities.

The final results will consider these preferences along with the obtained scores and each university’s criteria. The detailed result reveals the total marks obtained in the admission test. Furthermore, a subject-wise marksheet is now available. By logging in, students can see their marks for each subject they participated in during the admission test. Importantly, these marks do not include any deductions for incorrect answers.

To calculate the overall score, all subject marks are added together. This score will determine the completion of the admission process for General, Science, and Technology Universities at a later stage.

To find out the GST Admission Result for B Unit 2024, you can only check it online using the GST Result link. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the University Integrated Admission System GST admission website at
  2. Click on the login option.
  3. Log in with your Application ID and Password.
  4. Check the detailed result from the result option on the dashboard.

That’s it! You can easily access the Guccho B Unit Result 2024 by following these steps.

GST C Unit Result 2024

The GST Result 2024 for the C Unit, catering to the Commerce group, is now out! This admission test took place on May 10 across 29 different centers. More than 39,864 students took part in this exam. Today, the results have been published. Unlike traditional pass/fail results, candidates receive a score based on their performance. This score will determine their admission to one of the 24 public universities.

Before the final result, candidates need to indicate their preferred subject and university. The ultimate outcome will consider these preferences along with the obtained score and each university’s criteria. Students can check their results by logging into the website. Once results for all units are out, a consolidated merit list will be released. University-specific merit lists will be available for download in PDF format.

The GST Result PDF for the C Unit will be published after students submit their choice forms. Additionally, students can receive notifications about the C Unit result via SMS. While the GST authority may send result updates via SMS, it’s not guaranteed. If results are disseminated through text messages, students will receive them on the mobile number provided during the admission application process. You can find the detailed results of the GST admission at the website Follow these steps to log in and see the Guccho C Unit Result:

  1. Visit the website
  2. Click on the login option.
  3. Log in using your Application ID and Password.
  4. Check the result in the dashboard’s result section.


The GST Result C Unit 2024 has been released. All candidates must regularly check the official website to get the latest updates and see their results. The GST admission process is very competitive, so it’s crucial to know your results on time to take part in the next steps of the admission process successfully. Thank you for staying connected with us.

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