South Korea Lottery Result 2024 –

South Korea Lottery Result 2024 published by Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited BOESL. This result was published today March 11, at 3:00 pm. This is the Revised South Korea Lottery 2024 Result. Earlier, the BOESL Lottery was drawn on 7 March. Applicants can download the result copy from the lottery result website. At the same time, the waiting list is also published. Along with BOESL Lottery Result 2024, details about the next steps have also been released. Successful candidates will be considered eligible for the Korean language test. This is the online final registration result of participation in the Korean language test for the selection of work in South Korea under the EPS program 2024.

What is the Korea Lottery?

Every year South Korea recruits workers from different countries. They recruit workers from different countries to recruit workers in different sectors. Candidates must have certain qualifications to work in South Korea. Notable among these is proficiency in the Korean language. Like other countries, South Korea recruits workers from Bangladesh. Bangladeshis also need to acquire Korean language skills. For this purpose, Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Service Ltd. BOESL and South Korea are recruiting workers through the G2G method.

Bangladeshis who wish to work in South Korea are required to participate in a language proficiency test. A limited number of candidates from a limited number of applicants are allowed to appear for the language test. This is known as the South Korea Lottery Result 2024. Like other years, the EPS South Korea lottery Result 2024 PDF has been released this year.

BOESL South Korea Lottery Result 2024

On 15 February 2024, Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited published an online registration notice to participate in the Korean language test for the selection of employment in South Korea under the BOSEL EPS program. Through this, a total of 19,000 candidates will be allowed to participate in the language test. Online application starts on 4 March 2024. Applications close on 5 March 2024. After that, the list of eligible candidates to appear in the exam is released today. EPS Korea Lottery Result 2024 was published on the and website. Also, the selected candidates can be informed about the South Korea Lottery 2024 Results through SMS.

It should be noted that this year the registration is done on a first come first serve basis. The registration process is closed after the prescribed number of candidates are registered.

Korea Lottery Notice 2024

EPS Lottery Result 2024

EPS Lottery activities 2024 will be held in the BOESL Conference Room in Dhaka. Notice regarding the date of the lottery will be published on BOESL’s website and Facebook page. Interested candidates can voluntarily attend the lottery.

How to know the BOESL Lottery Result 2024?

EPS Lottery Result 2024 can be known from BOESL website and boesl Facebook page. BOESL Lottery Result 2024 PDF can be downloaded from the notice board of this website. Korean Lottery Result 2024 has already been uploaded. You can follow the instructions below to download the South Korea lottery Result 2024.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. Enter the notice board section.
  3. Download the EPS Korea Lottery Result 2024 PDF.
  4. Check the result with your information.
Boesl South Korea Lottery Result 2024

Note the application serial number, passport number, applicant’s name, and father’s name will be mentioned on the Selection Result and Waiting List.

Candidate Selection Process

Candidates will be selected in several stages. The UBT exam will be in the first round. The second round of examination will be the Skill Test and Competency Test. Then the scores obtained will be evaluated.

For Selected Candidates

Candidates who pass the lottery must complete the final registration to participate in the Korean language test by paying the equivalent of USD 28 as determined by HRD Korea. Final registration i.e. candidates receiving admit cards will be conducted on an individual basis examination from 11th March to 22nd May 2024 at the designated UBT Hall of Prabasi Kalyan Bhawan. Subject to the receipt of this notice from HRD Korea, it will be published on the BOESL website and Facebook page on March 6, 2024.

Test Date

If you are Selected for the South Korea Lottery 2024 Result you should have participated in the Language test. The competency Test 3rd to 7th June 2024 and Skill Test 19th June to 1st July 2024 and the probable date of declaration of final result is 24th July 2024.

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