Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024 Marksheet

The Mymensingh SSC Result 2024 is out now! This is the outcome of the exams that started on 15th February and ended on 12th March. Today, on 10th May, the result has been published, and everyone can check it on the official website. The SSC Result shows how well students did in their exams. It tells them whether they passed or not and what grades they got. It’s a big deal because it shows how much they’ve learned during their studies. 

So, students and their families are eager to know the results. They can easily find it on the official website by roll number. This result is essential because it helps students plan their future studies or decide on their careers. It’s a moment of joy for those who did well and for those who didn’t get the grades they hoped for. The Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024 marks the beginning of a new journey for many students. 

If you had your SSC exam under the Mymensingh Board and are eager to check your results and marks, you’re in the right spot. Here, we’ll guide you on how to swiftly access your results and marksheet. We’ll also discuss how to check your result via SMS and the procedure for challenging the board’s decision. We’ve made sure to include all the essential information regarding the Mymensingh SSC Result 2024. Take your time to read through the entire article attentively and check your results without delay.

Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024

In the SSC examination of 2024 held under the Mymensingh Education Board, a whopping 145,312 students took part. Just like in previous years, the pass rate of the Mymensingh Education Board remains impressively high this year too. 

Education Minister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury made an announcement today at 10 am, revealing the SSC exam results not only for the Mymensingh Education Board but also for all education boards across the country. This year, the pass rate for the SSC exams under the Mymensingh Education Board stands at an impressive 95%. Many students achieved remarkable scores, with some even securing the highest possible GPA of 5.00. However, there were also those who received lower GPAs, and a small number who did not pass. Nevertheless, those who didn’t succeed have the opportunity to try again in the future.

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The results reflect the hard work and dedication of most students who performed well in their exams. The SSC examinations for all education boards in the country commenced on February 15th and concluded on March 12th. Sixty days after the exams ended, the Ministry of Education released the results. There are various methods available to check the SSC results for the Mymensingh Education Board. We will discuss four of these methods here, but it’s also worth noting that the results can be found on the notice board of your respective schools.

Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024

How to check SSC Result 2024 Mymensingh Board?

The Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024 is now available. Students from the Mymensingh Board must be feeling excited to check their results. You can find the results on the official website of the Mymensingh Education Board: This website is solely dedicated to the Mymensingh Board.

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The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) in Mymensingh, Bangladesh was established on August 28, 2017, for the Mymensingh division, according to an Ordinance (East Pakistan Ordinance No. XXXIII of 1961). Its purpose is to organize, regulate, supervise, control, and develop public examinations and educational institutions at the intermediate and secondary levels. The Ordinance has been amended twice, in 1962 (No. XVI of 1962) and in 1977 (No. XVII of 1977). Professor Dr. Gazi Hasan Kamal has been the founding chairman since July 31, 2017.

BISE Mymensingh began its journey on August 28, 2017, with educational institutions in four districts: Mymensingh, Netrokona, Sherpur, and Jamalpur. This is a significant milestone for the educational institutions in these districts, as BISE Mymensingh can consistently monitor, supervise, and assist them in further improving secondary education in the region. BISE Mymensingh plays a vital role in the education city of Mymensingh. It is committed to implementing the government’s decentralization policy in secondary education through its excellent and prompt services.

Apart from checking the SSC result online, you can also check it via SMS. Below, we’ll discuss all the methods for checking the SSC Result 2024 from the Mymensingh Board.

Mymensingh Board SSC Result with Marksheet

The Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024 is now available. Students have been eagerly awaiting their results, and the wait is finally over. Looking at the past years’ SSC results under this board, it’s evident that the passing rate is excellent. Many students also achieve GPA 5, which is remarkable. The board authorities are dedicated to offering various benefits to students. You can find the official website of this board at

To check your Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024 directly from the Mymensingh Education Board’s Website, you need to enter your Roll Number and Registration number. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Visit the official website:
  • Click on the ‘result’ menu.
  • In the form, select ‘SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent’ under the examination option.
  • Choose the year of your exam.
  • Select ‘Mymensingh’ as your board.
  • Enter your roll number and registration number.
  • Fill in the required security number.
  • Click ‘Submit’ to see your result.

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If you make a mistake, you can use the ‘Reset’ button to start over. Your result will then appear on the screen. Remember, only the Mymensingh Education Board can provide the detailed mark sheet.

Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024 by SMS

Every year, students from the Mymensingh board perform well in their exams. This year, everyone is hopeful for good results once again. If you’re eager to see how you did, you can check your results by sending a simple text message, which is helpful for many students. Some students don’t have smartphones or computers at home or an internet connection, so sending an SMS is their best option. Even for those with internet access, the official website can get crowded when results are announced, causing it to slow down or crash.

Sending an SMS is an easy way to quickly get your Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  • Type ‘SSC’ to indicate the exam type.
  • Add a space.
  • Type the first three letters of your board’s name, ‘MYM’ for Mymensingh.
  • Add another space.
  • Enter your exam roll number.
  • Then, with another space, type the year you took the exam.
  • Finally, send this message to 16222.

Here’s an example of the format:

Examination Name [space] Board’s First Three Letters [space] Roll No [space] Passing Year.

For instance, if your roll number is 167489 and you took the exam in 2024, you would type: SSC MYM 167489 2024 and send it to 16222.

Institution Result

The Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024 has been released. Students are eagerly awaiting their results after putting in a lot of effort into their studies. This year, a large number of students took part in the SSC Exam under the Mymensingh Board. Now, it’s time for them to see how they performed.

To check the Mymensingh Board SSC Result 2024, students or their guardians need to use a special number called the EIIN, which stands for Educational Institution Identification Number. This unique number allows students to access their results specifically for their educational institution. You can find the SSC Result for 2024 using the EIIN number on the website Additionally, also offers extra information and guidance regarding the EIIN number result. is the main platform for checking public exam results under the Education Board of Bangladesh. This website provides a convenient and free way to check your results promptly. The Bangladesh Education Board has introduced an alternative server to check public exam results, which includes four new categories: Individual, Institution, District-Wise, and Center-Wise results. These categories offer different methods to access and analyze exam results based on various criteria.

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Rescrutiny Application

Happy students who achieved their desired results are feeling excited and getting ready for the next phase of their career journey. On the other hand, there’s a sense of anticipation among Mymensingh Board SSC students awaiting their exam results. This moment holds significant importance for them, considering the effort they invested in preparing for the SSC exams. For many, it’s a time of celebration as they attain the outcomes they aimed for. However, there are those who face disappointment upon discovering they didn’t pass the exam or achieved lower marks than anticipated.

For students dissatisfied with their exam results, there’s a resource available: applying for a rescrutiny. This process allows their exam papers to be rechecked if they suspect any discrepancies.

Now, let’s delve into how the Mymensingh Board SSC Rescrutiny Process operates. Students who aren’t content with their results or marks can opt for a board challenge, commonly known as SSC Rescrutiny. This presents them with an opportunity to potentially alter their results.

As of today, the application period for the Mymensingh Board SSC Rescrutiny or Board Challenge for the year 2024 has commenced. Students must complete their applications within a specified timeframe. It’s crucial to ensure the application fee is paid within 24 hours of completing the application process. Following this, they’ll receive a confirmation message regarding their board challenge or rescrutiny application.

Rescrutiny Application

Everyone knows that the SSC Result came out on May 10th, and all the students have already seen their results. Now, it’s time to talk about something called the Board Challenge. In the Mymensingh Board, this is also known as the Khata challenge or Khata Recheck. Basically, it’s a process where if you’re not happy with your result, you can ask the board to check your exam papers again.

Let me explain how you can apply for a board challenge step by step. But before that, you need to make sure you’re eligible for it. If you didn’t get the result you wanted in the Mymensingh Board SSC Examination Result 2024, then you can think about applying for a board challenge.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Have a Bangladeshi Teletalk Mobile Sim: First things first, you need a Bangladeshi Teletalk mobile sim card.
  • Make sure you have enough credit: You’ll need enough money on your phone to pay the application fee. If you don’t have enough credit, you won’t be able to apply.
  • Send SMS in the correct format: You apply for the board challenge by sending SMS. The format is important. Your first message should be in this format: RSC [space] First 3 letters of Mymensingh Board [space] Your Roll Number [space] Subject Code. For example, if you’re from the Mymensingh Board, and your roll number is 10345, and your subject code is 123, you would send: RSC MYM 10345 123 to 16222.
  • Wait for a reply: After sending your first message, you’ll get a reply telling you how much the application fee is and giving you a PIN number for confirmation.
  • Confirm the fee: If you’re okay with the fee they tell you (for example, TK. 125), you send another message in this format: RSC [space] YES [space] Your PIN number [space] Your Contact Number. For instance, you’d send: RSC YES 654321 01710000000 to 16222.
  • Include all your subject codes: If you’re applying for multiple subjects, include all the subject codes separated by commas.

Remember, there might be standard charges for sending SMS, so make sure you have enough money on your phone. That’s it! That’s how you apply for a board challenge in the Mymensingh Board.

Mymensingh Board SSC Board Challenge Result 2024

The Mymensingh Board SSC Board Challenge Result 2024 is now ready to download. This year, many students, specifically 2,38,461 of them, applied for SSC and equivalent result re-scrutiny because they weren’t happy with their first results. Altogether, they contested 4,41,919 papers. Among these, 3,95,898 papers were for SSC, 28,484 for Dakhil, and 17,537 for SSC Vocational exams. The Mymensingh Education Board has also published the board challenge results for SSC.

If you’re wondering about the SSC rescrutiny result 2024 for other education boards, you can find them on their respective education board websites. Only the updated results will be shown there. Also, the boards will inform students of their revised results through SMS. Only those students whose results have changed will receive SMS notifications.


I hope you found all the information you were looking for about the Mymensingh Board SSC Result. We’re grateful that you took the time to read this article. Don’t hesitate to share it with your friends if you find it helpful. We consistently update our website with results from all education boards, so keep an eye out for updates on other board results. Best of luck with your results!

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