NU Masters Final Year Result 2024- National University Masters Result

NU Masters Final Year Result 2024 is out! It was released on July 26, 2024, at 8:00 PM. This result is for students in their last year of the Masters Regular program, for the 2021 session.

In this post, we will provide detailed information about how to check the Masters Final Year exam results for 2024. We’ll cover how to view the NU Masters Result 2024 online and how to get them via SMS. We encourage all students to read this post carefully for the complete details.

Today, the National University’s official website posted two notices about the Masters Final Year exam results for 2024. The notice states that students can access their results starting from 8 PM today. It also explains the process for obtaining results through SMS and online methods. In this post, we will provide a simple guide on how to check your results using both SMS and online methods.

NU Masters Final Year Result 2024

The Masters Last Year exam results are now available on the National University website, starting at 8 PM today. You can also check the results via SMS. Let’s learn more about these results.

  • Result Name: Masters Final Year Result 2024
  • Result Release Date: July 26, 2024
  • Total Examinees: 115,909
  • Result Access: Website and SMS

A total of 115,909 students took the Masters Final Year exam. There are many colleges too. According to the published results, 71.27 percent of students have passed. Out of all the students who took the exam, 71.27 percent have passed.

Now, let’s start by understanding what the notice mentioned about these results, and then we will discuss how you can check the results, whether it’s online, via SMS, or through other methods.

Notice for Masters Final Result 2024

The National University posted a message on their official Facebook page about the Masters Last Year Examination. While it doesn’t have many details, it mentioned that the exam results are expected to come out today, on July 26, 2024. First, let’s see what the notice says.

Masters Final year exam result 2024

According to a statement from the National University, the results for the 2020 Masters Final Year exams have been released, pending approval by the Academic Council & Syndicate. The notice confirms that the exam results are now available.

This notice mainly discusses the release of the exam results and how you can access them. We will go into more details about this below.

How to Check Masters Final Year Result 2024

The National University has made it possible for you to access your Masters Last Year exam results in three ways, as per their notice.

First, you can check your results online by using your roll and registration number. Second, you can obtain your results by sending an SMS. There’s also an Android Result App for this.

We will now provide detailed instructions on how to check your Masters Last Year exam results using these two methods. We’ll show you how to do it either via SMS or online without any delays.

Masters Final Year Result Online

You can check your Masters Final Year Result 2024 online by following these simple steps. We’ve provided a detailed guide below to help you find your result with ease.

  • Visit the website:
  • Choose “Masters” from the options on the left side.
  • Click on “Masters Final Result.”
  • Enter your Roll/Registration Number from your admit card.
  • Input the passing Year (2020).
  • Fill in the captcha code.
  • Click the “Search Result” button.

Now, you’ll be able to see your result. This method allows you to easily access the National University Masters Last Year exam results online.

You can also use this link to check your Masters Final Year result (Session: 2020):

  • Visit this link:
  • Enter your registration number.
  • Provide your exam year (2020).
  • Click the “Search Result” button.

Following these steps will help you obtain your National University Masters Final Year result online.

Note: When results are released, many students will visit the website, leading to high server loads. If you experience delays, you can opt to check your results via SMS or wait a while to access them online.

Masters Final Year Result via SMS

Students can also obtain the Masters Final/Last Year result through mobile SMS. To receive the National University Masters Final Year Result 2024 on their mobile phones, they need to send an SMS. You can use any mobile operator for this process.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to your mobile’s messaging option.
  • Type: NU [space] MF [space] Masters Roll Number.
  • Send this message to the number 16222.

To make it easy for students, I’ve provided the message format below for checking the Masters Final Year Exam Result via SMS.

Masters Final Result Using App

There is an app called National University EMIS. Login with your Registration Number on NU EMIs and select the Masters Final Result option in the Masters Result menu.

Within the app, there are ten result servers. You can choose any of them and check your result by entering your roll and registration number.

Additionally, this app has a built-in SMS system that allows students to send SMS directly. You can obtain the result through this app by simply changing the exam number and sending an SMS.

NU Masters Final Result 2024 with CGPA

Today, the National University has released the Masters Final Result for 2024 with CGPA. You can check the NU Masters Result CGPA 2024 on the website using your Roll and Registration Number.

However, please note that the National University Masters CGPA Result 2024 may not be available right away. It will be accessible online after a few hours.

To check your Masters Final Result with CGPA, follow these steps:

  • Visit the NU Result Publication website (
  • Provide your Masters Final Year Examination Roll Number, Registration Number, and Exam year.
  • Click the “Search Result” button.

After clicking the “Search Result” button, you will receive the NU Masters Final Result with CGPA. You can check your National University Masters CGPA result for 2024 now.

Masters Final Year Result with Mark Sheet

Usually, exam results are available shortly after they are published, and mark sheets may follow a few days later. But the National University has made it more convenient by releasing exam results along with mark sheets on their website. You can check the Masters Final Year Result with a full mark sheet on the website after 8 pm. We will provide additional updates if needed.

How to Apply for Re-checking Masters Final Result 2024?

If you want to challenge or re-check your Masters Final Part Exam Result, here’s how you can do it online:

  • Visit the link for Masters Re-scrutinizing.
  • Choose the Result name (Masters Final Year (2024).
  • Enter your Registration number.
  • Select the subject you want to re-check.
  • Fill in the required information and click the “Submit” button.

After completing the online application, pay your application fee by printing the payment slip. Please note that you have to pay the fee at Sonali Seba. Check the details in the notice.

By following these steps, you can easily apply for a re-check or challenge the Masters Final Year Result published in 2024.

National University Masters Grading System

Marks RangeLetter GradeGrade Point (4.00)Class Grading
80-100A+4.001st class
75-79A3.751st class
70-74A-3.501st class
65-69B+3.251st class
60-64B3.001st class
55-59B-2.752nd class
50-54C+2.502nd class
45-49C2.252nd class
40-44C-2.003rd class

According to the National University Grading system, the result of CGPA 3.00-4.00 is classified as First class. The result of CGPA 2.25-2.99 is considered Second class, and CGPA 2.00-2.24 is categorized as Third class. Any CGPA below 2.00 is marked as a Fail.

NU Masters Pass Marks

Students must attend all the necessary courses and exams, including written, oral, and practical exams. To pass a course, students need to score a minimum of 40% marks or achieve a D Grade, which is equivalent to 2 points.

Only grades of D or higher will be considered. Non-credit English subjects related to GPA will not be counted in the result.


When was the Masters Final Year result published in 2024?

The National University Masters Final Year Result 2024 was published on July 26, 2024, at 8 pm.

How to check the Masters Last Year Exam Result?

To check the results, visit the website and search using your registration number.

How to check the Masters Final Result by App?

Download the NU Result app from the Google Play Store, and with your roll and registration number, check your Masters Last Year Exam Results.

How to get Masters Final/Last part Result 2024 by SMS?

Type NU space MF space Roll/Registration Number and send it to 16222 to get your Masters Final Result 2024.


The NU Masters Final Year Result 2024 has been announced. Students can check their results online by visiting the website and entering their registration numbers. Additionally, they can use the NU Result app from the Google Play Store or receive their results through SMS by sending NU MF [Roll/Registration Number] to 16222. It’s essential for students to follow the provided instructions to access their results quickly. Congratulations to all the students who passed their Masters Final Year exams!

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