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The official admission website for Rajshahi University is All undergraduate admissions will happen through this website. Students can start their admission application by filling out the RU Admission Form 2023–2024 on this website. Information about application instructions, payment, admission circular, prospectus, test date, and schedule is available here. Subject-wise marks distribution, question pattern, seat numbers, and other details are also provided. After the primary application, the eligible candidate list will be published. The final application will follow, and before the admission test, the RU admit card and seat plan will be available. After each unit’s admission test, the results will be published through the result 2024, and the subject choice form fill-up will be initiated on this website.

You can check your Rajshahi University admission test results on the official admission website: result 2024. The RU Result A Unit 2024 Link is result 2024. There, you’ll find details about A, B, and C unit results, along with application guidelines, payment instructions, exam routine, marks distribution, and other essential information. The site has updates on the admission notice for 2024, conditions for different units, quota conditions, exam routine, ward quota application, seat numbers, and international student admission. Additional information will be continuously posted on this website for the 2023-24 Admission Test.

Primary Application

Rajshahi University Primary Admission Form can be filled from 8 January 2024. The Primary Application Deadline is 17 January 2024. To start the primary admission process, you need to apply online. Use the official website for the application. Be careful and enter all your information correctly. Learn how to submit the RU Admission form on the website.

  • Go to the website
  • Click on ‘Undergraduate Admission’
  • Enter your academic information
  • Choose the unit name from the list
  • Upload your photo and signature
  • Submit the application

Remember to pay the application fee of 55 TK using the mobile banking system. After payment, you’ll receive a payment receipt; make sure to print a copy. The admission date is announced, so download your admit card and participate in the admission test. result 2024

Rajshahi University Admission Test for C, A, and B Units has been completed for the Academic Year 2023-2024. Now, this is the time to release the Result. Candidates who appeared in the Admission test, are waiting for the Result. Hopefully, the RU Result 2024 for A, B, and C Units will be Released one week after the completion of the Admission Test of each Unit. Results will be released through the result 2024 website. Additionally, it will also be available on the result 2024 website and result 2024 website. Selected Candidates will also be informed about their Results through SMS. The RU Admission Result 2024 for A, B, and C Units can be checked with the following steps.

  1. Browse the Admission website (
  2. Go to the Login Section Section.
  3. Login with your Credentials.
  4. Select your Unit.
  5. Check your Result in Details.

RU Primary Selection Result 2024

Rajshahi University has released the Primary Selection Result 2024 on the website. You can check the Rajshahi University Primary Selection Result 2024 for all Groups and Units on this website. The Short List was published on February 8, 2024, for eligible candidates in A, B, and C Units. Only those on the final list can fill out the Final Admission Form. The shortlist is based on the preliminary application to RU, and not all students can participate in the Admission Test 2023-24. If you are on the final list, you can apply for the admission test on the website.

Selected candidates must complete the Final Application Form from 26 January 2024 to 29 January 2024. If any selected candidates miss this deadline, they can apply from the waiting list in three phases. Admit cards can be downloaded only by those who have completed the final application on the website.

The RU Primary Selection Result 2024 was published on 25 January 2024, and candidates on this list will receive SMS notifications. The RU Short List for the Admission Test can be checked on the Admissions website

From 19 February 2024 to 22 February 2024, final applicants can download their admit cards, which will include information about the admission test date and other details. The Rajshahi University Admission test is scheduled to take place from March 5 to March 8, 2024.

RU Primary Selection Result 3rd Phase 2024
RU Primary Application Result 2024
Rajshahi University Primary Application Result 2024

Final Application

The Final Application for Rajshahi University Admission will start after publishing the list of eligible candidates. The Eligible Candidates list will be available on the official website Only those who are eligible can fill out the form on the official website The final application requires payment of Tk.1100 for each unit, and it will be accepted in different phases:

  • 1st Phase: 26 January to 29 January 2024
  • 2nd Phase: 1 February to 3 February 2024
  • 3rd Phase: 6 February to 7 February 2024
  • 4th Phase: 10 February to 11 February 2024

The final application fee is Tk.1100 for B Unit and Tk. 1320 for A and C Units.

Rajshahi University Admit Card 2024

Only those who have applied for admission can get the Rajshahi University (RU) Admission Admit Card from admit card 2024. No one can enter the admission test venue without it. The admit card includes the test date, venue, and instructions. Applicants must download it within the specified time. The Admit Card download started on 19 February 2024, at 1:00 pm, and it’s available until 22 February 2024. To download, visit, log in with HSC and SSC information, and follow the steps:

০৩/০৩/২০২৪ তারিখ থেকে Admit Card পুনরায় ডাউনলোড করা যাবে।
  • Go to
  • Click on the login option.
  • Log in using the user ID and password from the application.
  • Download the Admit Card from the Dashboard of the applied unit.

Note: A separate admit card is generated for each unit. Print two color copies. Without it, no one can participate in the admission test. The admit card contains details about the test date, time, and venue. Candidates must download their admit card within the deadline.

RU Seat Plan

Before each unit’s admission test at Rajshahi University, a detailed seat plan will be released. Each unit will have a separate seat plan for all groups/shifts, specifying details like center/venue name, exam date, time, address, building name, and room number. You can check the RU Admission Test Seat Plan on the website, and you may also receive information about your seat location via SMS. result 2024

After the admission test at Rajshahi University, they publish the admission test results. There are different merit lists, and they release them one by one. If seats are available after the first merit list, they publish a second merit list. Results for each unit are published separately. To find Rajshahi University Admission Results, visit the official admission websites: and

The Rajshahi University Admission Result 2024 is now online for C, A, and B Units. The RU Result 2024 has been published, and you can check it for the Science, Humanities, and Business Studies Group by logging in at result 2024. Follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on the Online Application and Result Option.
  • Go to the Login option.
  • Log in with your HSC and SSC Information.
  • Choose the Unit (A/B/C).
  • Check the Result.
A UnitB UnitC Unit
 Unit-A Notice for 1st Subject Selection List and Waiting List 1st Interview Notice
 Unit-A 1st Subject Selection List 1st Interview Schedule
 Unit-A 1st Waiting List-Group-1 1st Selection List (Commerce Group)
 Unit-A 1st Waiting List-Group-2 1st Selection List (Humanities Group)
 Unit-A 1st Waiting List-Group-31st Selection List (Science Group)
 Unit-A 1st Waiting List-Group-4 1st Selection List (WQ)


Hopefully, you checked your RU admission test result. For more information don’t forget to visit the official website result 2024. From this website, you can easily get RU admission-related information. Good Luck.

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