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Today, on May 9, 2024, the Barisal Board SSC Result 2024 has been declared, along with the results from all other education boards in Bangladesh. You’re in the right place if you’re a student under the Barisal Board and eager to check your SSC results. This year, the SSC exams started on February 15 nationwide and concluded on March 12. The Barisal Board has a track record of producing good results annually, and this year is no exception. In fact, compared to the past few years, the pass rate in the Barisal Board is notably higher.

We’re here to guide you through the process of accessing your results. We’ll provide detailed instructions and explain the steps you need to take. In this post, we’ll describe several methods you can use to obtain your results. So, if you’re anxious to know how you performed in the SSC exams under the Barisal Board, keep reading to find out how to access your results quickly.

Barisal Board SSC Result 2024 

In the SSC exams held a few days ago, a whopping 2,021,868 students from 29,591 schools participated, and these exams took place across 3,790 centers. Out of these students, 1,599,711 appeared for the SSC exams under the nine general education boards. Among these boards, the Barishal Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board stood out with the highest pass rate in the SSC examination.

Today, the results of the SSC and equivalent exams have been published through the official website. These results revealed that the overall pass rate across the nine general education boards is 80.94 percent, with an impressive 183,578 students achieving the much-desired GPA 5.

Among the nine general education boards, the Barisal Education Board secured the highest pass rate of 90.18 percent. Interestingly, female students outperformed male students both in terms of pass rate and GPA-5 in Barisal. Additionally, it’s worth noting that none of the schools under the Barisal Education Board had a 0% pass rate.

For those interested in accessing the Barishal Board results, they can be found on the official website of the Barisal Education Board Govt. This official platform not only provides individual results but also offers institution-based results. It’s essential to rely on this official website for accurate results of both SSC and HSC exams conducted under the Barisal Board.

Barisal Board SSC Result 2024 with marksheet

How to check SSC Result 2024 Barisal Board?

The Barisal Board SSC Result 2024 has been officially released, along with the detailed Barisal Board SSC Marksheet. This morning, the results for all general education boards in Bangladesh, including Dakhil Result, were published. To access the detailed SSC Exam Result from the Barisal Education Board, you can visit their official website at The website’s “SSC Corner” provides comprehensive instructions on how institutions can collect the results and how students can view them.

Furthermore, detailed information on result checking procedures is available, including guidance for both institutions and students. Additionally, the Barisal Education Board Result can be obtained from the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board website To view the result, one must select the “Barisal Board” option and input the roll and registration number. However, it’s more convenient to download the result directly from the Barisal Board’s official website.

It’s worth noting that the Barisal Board official website is the primary platform where all board exam results, along with mark sheets and comprehensive result-related information, can be accessed.

Barisal Board SSC Result with Marksheet

You can find detailed information about the Barisal Board SSC Result 2024 and your marksheets exclusively on the website. These marksheets include subject-wise scores. To access the detailed mark sheets, you must visit the website. Even if the results are displayed using only your roll number, you’ll still need your registration number to view the SSC marksheets.

The website also offers individual SSC results and instructions. Additionally, you can access statistics and other important information related to the results. Here’s how you can download the Barisal Education Board SSC Examination Result 2024:

  • Visit the website.
  • Look for the “SSC-2024 Result Search (Marks)” option on the homepage.
  • Enter your Roll Number, Registration Number, and Center Code.
  • Click on the “Search” button to get your results.

Institution Result

You can check both your personal results and your institution’s results on websites. To view institution-based results, visit Here, all students from any institution can collect their results. Look for the “Institute based result” option on this website. You’ll need your institution’s EIIN number to download the results. You can find the EIIN number of your institution on the same website.

For Barisal Education Board’s Paperless SSC Result, go to Look for the “Paperless Result (for Institutes)” option. Choose “Barisal” from the Education Board options. Then, provide your institution’s EIIN number to print the result. Fill in all the required fields, and click on the “Get Institution Result” option.

Barisal Board SSC Result By SMS

Apart from checking the website, you can find out the Barisal Board SSC Result 2024 using SMS. You can do this by sending a message from any mobile phone operator like GrameenPhone, Teletalk, Banglalink, Robi, or Airtel. For the quickest response, use Teletalk mobile phones. This service is provided by Teletalk Bangladesh and is known as a Push-Pull Service. However, you can only find out the results via SMS after they have been officially published.

To know the Barisal Board SSC Result through SMS, follow these instructions:

  • Compose an SMS with the following format: SSC [space] BAR [space] Roll [space] 2024.
  • For example, if your roll number is 123456, your SMS would look like this: SSC BAR 123456 2024.
  • Send this SMS to the number 16222.

Please note that standard SMS charges will apply for checking the result via SMS. You can send multiple SMS from the same mobile phone. Each student’s result will be sent individually through SMS.

Barisal Board SSC Result Board Challenge

Today, the Barisal Board SSC Result Board Challenge Process began. The SSC Result for 2024 has already been announced. To apply for an SSC Review, students need to use the Teletalk Mobile SIM. They can apply for one or multiple subjects. After the Review Process is done, the Result will be published.

It’s important to understand that the requested exam paper won’t be re-evaluated during this process. Instead, the SSC Rescrutiny Process ensures that the total marks have been calculated accurately and that marks have been awarded for all answered questions.

Rescrutiny Application

After the SSC results are out, you can request a re-scrutiny within one week. If your result isn’t what you expected, you can apply using these steps:

  • Open the messaging app on your phone.

Type the following format: RSC <Space> First 3 letters of your Barisal board name <Space> Your Roll number <Space> Subject Code.

  • For example, if you’re from the Barisal Board, your roll number is 567890, and you want to challenge your Bangla result, type: RSC BAR 567890 101.
  • Send this message to 16222.
  • If you want to challenge more than one subject, separate the subject codes with a comma. For example, to challenge both Bangla and English, type: RSC BAR 567890 101,107.
  • Each subject challenge costs TK 125.
  • After sending the SMS, you’ll get a reply with a PIN number and the total amount to be deducted.

If you agree to proceed, send another SMS in this format: RSC <Space> YES <Space> PIN Number <Space> your contact number (can be of any operator).

  • For example, if your PIN is 23567 and your mobile number is 01812345678, type: RSC YES 234567 01812345678.
  • Successfully following these steps completes the result re-scrutiny process.

Rescrutiny Result Download

Today, on July 30th, the results of the SSC Rescrutiny for the year 2024 were published. You can find these updated results on our website. Additionally, if you provided your mobile number during the application process, you’ll receive the result directly to your phone.

Many students apply for the Re-scrutiny of their SSC exam results every year. This is because some students initially fail their exams but pass after the Re-scrutiny, while others see improvements in their subject grades. This year, 278,854 students applied for the Khata Challenge, breaking all previous records.

Many students often don’t achieve their desired marks in their SSC exams. That’s why they opt to challenge their results. To access the SSC Board Challenge Result, visit your education board’s official website. You’ll locate the SSC Board Challenge Result 2024 in the SSC Corner of the site. It’s important to note that all education boards publish only the SSC Rescrutiny Result 2024 on their websites. Therefore, you can only download the SSC Challenge Result 2024 from your education board’s website.


You’ll find the details by reading the Barisal Board SSC Result 2024 with the Marksheet article. Please comment below for more information about the Barisal Board SSC Result 2024. Don’t forget to share this article with others. Thank you.

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