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Hey everyone! Great news – the Jessore Board SSC Result 2024 has been released by the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE), Jessore. If you’ve been eagerly waiting for the Jessore Board SSC Result 2024, you’re in luck because it’s out now! You can find it on the official website of the Jessore Education Board at

Not only can you see the overall results, but you can also check out the detailed Jessore Board SSC Marksheet. Today, the SSC results for all the general education boards in Bangladesh have been published, including the Dakhil Result.

The long wait is finally over as the results are now available. If you know how to access your SSC Result 2024 Jessore Board with Marksheet, it’s pretty straightforward. However, for those who are unfamiliar with the process, it might be a bit challenging. Don’t worry though, if you’re a student of the Jessore Board, this article is tailored just for you!

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We’ll walk you through the different methods to check your SSC result, including accessing your marksheet, using SMS services, and utilizing institution-based results. So, stick around and read through the entire article to learn all the details.

Jessore Board SSC Result 2024

The Jessore board has published the SSC results just like the other ten boards do. Today is the day when the results are out. It’s natural for every student to feel excited because they’ve been waiting for two long years to see how they’ve performed. Many people eagerly await the results, but sometimes they forget how to check them. However, we haven’t forgotten both the method to obtain the results and our responsibility to provide the information.

In this article, we will cover everything about the Jessore Board SSC result for the year 2024. Compared to the previous year, the pass rate and the number of students securing GPA-5 has increased in Jessore. Out of 1,72,083 students, 1,69,501 participated in the examination. Among them, 1,61,314 have passed, resulting in a pass rate of 95.17%.

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This year, all the students from 513 institutes passed under the Jessore Education Board, while all the students from only one educational institution failed.

The SSC and equivalent exams under eleven boards, including madrasa (Dakhil) and technical education boards, commenced across the country on September 15th. A total of 2,021,868 students from 29,591 educational institutions participated in the exams at 3,790 centers. Specifically, 1,599,711 students participated in the SSC exams under the nine general education boards.

Now, students can check their scores through various methods, including their school premises, the Jessore Education Board website, and via text message services. It’s a straightforward procedure, and we will discuss it in detail below.

Jessore Board SSC Result 2024 with Marksheet

How to check SSC Result 2024 Jessore Board?

If you want to check your Jessore Board SSC Result 2024 with a marksheet from the Jessore Education Board, you need to visit the website There, you’ll find detailed information about the SSC Exam Result of the Jessore Education Board. You can also access the result directly from the board’s official website The website’s “SSC Corner” provides instructions on how institutions can collect the results and how students can view them.

Additionally, you can find the Jessore Education Board Result on the website, which is managed by the Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board. To see the result, choose “Jessore Board” and enter your roll and registration number.

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Apart from the websites, you can also check the SSC Result 2024 of the Jessore board via SMS. You can send a message from any mobile phone operator, including GrameenPhone, Teletalk, Banglalink, Robi, and Airtel. For the fastest response, use a Teletalk mobile phone, as they provide a Push-Pull Service for this purpose.

How to check SSC Result 2024 Jessore Board with Marksheet?

To check your Jessore Board SSC Result 2024 and view your marksheet with detailed subject-wise numbers, you must visit the website There, you can input your registration number to access the marksheet, even if you initially searched using your roll number only. Instructions and individual results for SSC exams are available on the same site. Additionally, you’ll find result statistics and other important information.

For those specifically looking for the Jessore Education Board SSC Examination Result 2024, follow these steps:

  • Go to the website:
  • Enter your Roll Number and Registration Number.
  • Click on the “Find” button.
  • If you’re searching for institution-based results, choose the “Institute Wise Result Sheet” option.
  • Enter your Institution’s EIIN Number.
  • Press the “OK” button.

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This way, you can easily access your Jessore Board SSC results and marksheet online.

How to check SSC Result 2024 Jessore Board Via SMS?

The Jessore Board SSC Result for the year 2024 is now available. Besides checking it on the website, you can also find out your SSC Result 2024 from the Jessore board through SMS. Sometimes, when the results are published, there can be a problem due to a lot of people trying to access the website at the same time. 

If you face this issue, you can check your result by sending an SMS. You can use any mobile phone operator such as Grameen Phone, Teletalk, Banglalink, Robi, or Airtel. For the quickest response, it’s recommended to send the SMS from a Teletalk mobile phone. This service, called Push-Pull Service, is provided by Teletalk Bangladesh. 

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However, it’s important to note that you can only know the results via SMS after they have been officially published. To get your result, you need to compose a message on your mobile phone with the following format: SSC [space] JES [space] Your SSC Roll Number [space] 2024, and send it to the number 16222. You will receive your result in a reply message.

Institution Result

You can check the institution result on the website for the year 2024. This website allows you to download SSC results without using paper. To access your institution’s result, you’ll need the EIIN number of your school. Hopefully, you already have this number. But if you’ve forgotten it, you can find it on the same website.

To download the institution-based result, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the website.
  • Click on the Result page.
  • Choose the option for HSC/Alim/Equivalent.
  • Select the year “2024”.
  • Pick your Board Name from the list.
  • Enter your Institution EIIN Number.
  • Click the “Get Result” button to download the PDF Copy.

Jessore Board SSC Result Rescrutiny

Every year, many students decide to apply for a review of their SSC Board exam results, especially if they feel satisfied with their grades. Sometimes, there are issues with the checking machines or mistakes made during manual grading, which can be distressing for students. These problems can affect their chances of getting scholarships or achieving A+ grades. Our website provides detailed information about how to apply for a re-checking of your results.

Today, the SSC Result has been announced by the Board. Fortunately, the Board has introduced a new method for students to apply for a review using their mobile phones. This method is much simpler and more effective, especially since almost everyone in the country owns a mobile phone. Any individual, including the guardian of the student, can easily register for the SSC Board Result 2024 using a mobile phone, whether it’s a smartphone or a basic one.

The Board has also determined the cost for this service, which is 125 BDT per subject. This means that students or their guardians can pay this amount to initiate the re-checking process for each subject they want to review.

Jessore Board SSC Result Rescrutiny Process

To finish the process, follow the steps exactly as written here.

First, you need a Teletalk sim to participate in the SSC Board Result 2024 challenge because other operators might not work. Also, you’ll need to top up your balance based on how many subjects you want to test. Each subject will cost 125 BDT. Remember, there’s an extra fee for each message you send, so ensure you have enough credit on your phone. The official number to apply is 16222.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Send a message in this format: RSC <space> First three letters of your Board Name (like JES) <space> SSC Roll <space> Subject Code you want to challenge.
    RSC stands for Re-Scrutiny Application. Use the first three letters of your board’s name (like “JES” for Jessore). Your roll number is the 6 digits on your admit card. Check the subject code you want to recheck on your registration slip and enter it.
  • Wait for a response after sending the message to 16222.

You’ll get a notification with a PIN code and the cost of the challenge fee sent to your phone. If you want to continue, follow these steps:

  • Send a new message in this format: RSC <space> Yes <space> Pin Number <space> Contact Number of any operator.
    Type “YES,” then enter the PIN and your contact number. You’ll receive a confirmation message on your phone.

Remember, if any information is incorrect or missing, the message won’t be validated, and you’ll need to try again. Also, you can use commas to separate different subject codes in one message. The results will be announced after the re-checking deadline.

Jessore Board Rescrutiny Result 2024

One common method students use to review their results is called “ReScrutiny.” After the SSC results are announced, many students find they didn’t get the marks they hoped for. They might think their papers weren’t checked properly, which could have led to better scores. Lots of students think this way, and most of them see their results improve. The good news is, if your result is reviewed, it might get better but it won’t get worse. 

If the result doesn’t improve, the original result stays the same. There are mainly two ways to get the SSC Board Challenge Result 2024 for all education boards. You can visit your education board’s official website for the SSC Board Challenge Result. Look for the SSC Corner on the official website, where you’ll find the SSC Board Challenge Result 2024. 

Remember, the All Education Board only publishes the SSC Re-scrutiny Result 2024 on their website. There’s no other website where you can check the result. So, you can only download the SSC Challenge Result 2024 from your education board’s website.


We’ve given you all the details about the Jessore Board SSC Result 2024. If you have any questions or need more help, ask in the comments below. We wish you the best of luck with your results, and thank you for stopping by!

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