NU Result 2nd Year 2024 – result

The National University Result 2024 Just Released for the Honours 2nd Year Examination 2024. The NU Result 2024 for Honours 2nd Year Year with CGPA is available now on its official website result. To check your National University Result 2024, visit the official website You can also access the results on the National University’s old website

Usually, the National University of Bangladesh announces exam results for Honours, Degree, and Masters courses within three months after the exams are done. Students have two easy ways to get their results: online through the university’s website and offline via SMS.

Both methods are easy to use. To check online, students can go to the university’s official results website. If they prefer an offline method or don’t have internet access, they can send an SMS to get their exam scores.

NU Result 2024

“NU Result” refers to the Results of academic exams from the National University of Bangladesh. This university offers various educational programs, like undergraduate, postgraduate, and specialized professional courses, making it one of Bangladesh’s top educational institutions.

These results are crucial for students studying subjects such as Honours, Degree Pass courses, Masters, and professional programs. The official website for National University Results is It’s a place where students can access information about their results.

Usually, the National University of Bangladesh releases exam results for Honours, Degree, and Masters courses within three months. Students can quickly check their results online via the university’s official website or SMS.

To see their results on the official result publication website, students must provide their roll number, registration number, and the year they passed.

For the latest and most accurate NU Results information, students should visit the official old website nu ac bd result. There, they can find everything they need, including result announcements and clear instructions on how to check their results, along with their marks or CGPA.

National University Result 2024

The National University Result, often referred to as “NU Result,” includes the exam outcomes from the National University of Bangladesh for its various academic programs such as Honours, Degree, and Masters.

The National University of Bangladesh shares its exam results through two main official websites:

  • This website acts as the main gateway to access current and past results for programs like Honours, Degree, and Masters courses offered by the university. Recently, they have updated this link from to
  • This site focuses on promptly updating the most recently published results, ensuring students have access to the latest exam results from the National University.

To view NU Result 2024, students can visit these websites and provide their registration number, exam roll number, and the exam year. The results page usually offers comprehensive information, including mark sheets, CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average), and other academic performance indicators.

The release of these results is of significant importance to students as it showcases their academic efforts and accomplishments. It marks a crucial milestone in their academic journey, reflecting their dedication and hard work.

How to Check NU Result online?

Here’s a detailed guide on how to check your exam results on the National University’s official website:

  • Open Web Browser: Start by opening your web browser on either your computer or mobile device.
  • Navigate to the Site: In the address bar, type in the URL and press Enter. This action will take you to the official result portal of the National University.
  • Selecting Result Type: On the homepage, you’ll notice different sections or tabs for various types of results such as Honours, Degree, Masters, etc.
  • Choose Your Program: Click on the section that matches your course or program.
  • Entering Personal Details: After selecting your course type, a new page will load, asking for specific details.
    • Filling in Details: Enter your:
      • Roll Number: This is your unique examination roll number.
      • Registration Number: The registration number given by the university.
      • Exam Year: The academic year when you took the exam.
  • Submitting Information: Before hitting the submit button, double-check all details to ensure accuracy and avoid errors.
  • Viewing Results: Once you submit, your NU results will appear on the screen, including:
    • Subject-wise Marks/Grades: Detailed scores or grades for each subject.
    • Total Score: Your overall aggregate score, status, or CGPA.
    • Qualifying Status: Whether you passed, failed, promoted, or must retake any subjects.

NU Result by SMS

  • How to Send an SMS:

To receive your 2nd Year Honours result 2024 through SMS, follow these steps on your mobile phone: Type NU [space] H2 [space] followed by your exam roll number.

For example, if your roll number is 123456, type: NU H2 123456.

  • Where to Send:

After Typing the Message, please send it to 16222 from any Mobile Phone Operator.

  • Getting the Result:

After sending the SMS, be patient. You will soon receive a reply SMS containing your 2nd Year Exam Result.

What Results are available to View

You can find a lot of different exam results from the National University of Bangladesh. Here’s a list of what you can see:

  • Honours Result: 

You can check results for each year of your honours program, from the first year to the fourth year. There’s also a consolidated result available.

  • Degree Result:

Similarly, you can view results for each year of your degree program, as well as a consolidated result.

  • Masters Result: 

For master’s programs, you can see results for both the preliminary and final exams.

  • Professional Courses: 

Results for various professional courses like LLB 1st Year, LLB Final Year, B Ed, BBA (Professional), and others are available.

  • PGD Courses: 

If you’re enrolled in a Post Graduate Diploma course like THM or TMS, you can view your results here.

  • On-Campus Courses: 

Results for different on-campus courses such as LIS (Library and Information Science), Advanced MBA, MAS, M.Phil, Ph.D., and others are accessible.

NU Rescrutiny Result

If you’ve applied for a re-evaluation of your exam, you can check the results of that process here.


Make sure you always check the official website for National University Result because it’s the best place to get accurate and up-to-date information. This guide showed you how to find your NU Result 2024 on the National University of Bangladesh’s official results website. Remember, the university’s website is where you should go for anything about your results.

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    • Registration No. 20219304707
      Name SHAKIL MIA
      Result Promoted

      Course-wise Obtained Letter Grade
      221109=FAIL ,221901=B ,221903=C+ ,221905=B+ ,221907=B- ,222115=C+ ,222209=B-

    • Registration No. 19217043507

      Course-wise Obtained Letter Grade
      221109=PASS ,221701=C+ ,221703=C ,221705=C+ ,221707=B- ,221909=Fail ,222009=C+

    • Registration No. 17216325605
      Name MD. ARAFAT KHAN

      Course-wise Obtained Letter Grade
      221109=FAIL ,221601=C ,221603=C+ ,221605=C ,221607=B- ,221909=B- ,222115=C+

    • Registration No. 18226345988
      Result Promoted

      Course-wise Obtained Letter Grade
      222601=Fail ,222603=C+ ,222605=C+ ,222607=Fail ,222609=Fail ,222611=C ,222613=D

    • Registration No. 20237129835
      Name G. M. TAREK RAHMAN
      Result Not Promoted

      Course-wise Obtained Letter Grade
      221109=FAIL ,222707=Fail ,222708=C+ ,222807=Fail ,222809=C+ ,223701=Fail ,223703=Fail ,223705=Fail ,223706=A+

    • Registration No. 18222234503

      Course-wise Obtained Letter Grade
      221109=PASS ,221909=C+ ,222009=B+ ,222201=D ,222203=Fail ,222205=B ,222207=B


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