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The www.nu.ac.bd/results website is where you can find the official results of the National University Bangladesh. It’s the place where they share all the results. Recently, they put up the Masters Result for 2024 with CGPA on this website today, on the nu.ac.bd/results website. This is where students, whether regular, irregular, or improving their grades, can find and download their mark sheets. 

The National University has released the NU Masters Result 2024 for Regular, Irregular, and Improvement Students in the 2021 22 sessions on the www.nu.ac.bd/results masters website. Exams were conducted in 880 colleges across 339 exam centers. Websites like nubd.info and www nu ac bd results publish these results. However, it’s easiest to download the results from the official NU website, www.nu.ac.bd/results. In this article, you’ll learn how to download your result, mark sheet, and result in PDF from this website. Be sure to read the full article for all the details.

www.nu.ac.bd/results masters final year

Do you want to see your Masters Final Year result? It’s really easy! Just go to www.nu.ac.bd/result and follow some simple steps. This is the only website where you can find all the info about Masters Result 2024. The Masters Result 2024 came out today, at 7 PM on the www.nu.ac.bd/results website.

 If you’re a candidate, it’s very important to check your results now. And www.nu.ac.bd/result is the only official website where you will get the result. This year, 4 Lakh 33 thousand 819 candidates took the NU Second Year year exam. Among them, only 94.40% of students passed all subjects, which means only 81,671 passed. Now, third-year students are excited and eager to know their CGPA. Visit the NU official website nu.ac.bd/result and download your result now.

How to Know Masters Result?

Through www nu ac bd result website, getting your Masters Result is simple. You can find any masters result on the official NU Results portal at nu.ac.bd/result. Follow these steps to check your masters Results for the Final Year in 2024:

  • Go to the official website www.nu.ac.bd/results.
  • Select the exam type as ‘Masters’.
  • Choose the ‘Final’ year option.
  • Pick the Exam year as ‘2021’.
  • Enter your final year roll and registration number.
  • Input the security key and submit to view your result.

National University students can check their results online on the nu.ac.bd/result results website. This nu.ac.bd/result portal provides results with mark sheets for MA, MSS, MSc, and MBS masters. If you didn’t pass the exam, you can apply for a board challenge, which starts after the result is published. Apply for the board challenge if you didn’t pass the final exam.

Masters Result 2024 Marksheet

You can get your Masters Result 2024 Marksheet from the website nu.ac.bd/result. The original marksheet is crucial. You can download the consolidated results from nu.ac.bd/result for all four years. The Masters Result is available now on nu.ac.bd/result, and you can download the marksheet easily from the official website by following the instructions provided.

NU Masters Result pdf

Are you looking for the NUMasters Result pdf? The long-awaited Masters Result for 2024 is finally out on the official NU website, nu.ac.bd/result. You can easily download the result pdf from nu.ac.bd/result. This is an important moment for NU students who have been studying hard for three years and are now eagerly waiting to see their results. The results show how well they’ve done in their studies and what opportunities lie ahead. 

That’s why students are keeping a close eye on the official website for any updates on when the results will be released. You can now find the masters final year result on the national university’s official result archive website – nu.ac.bd/results. 

The exams took place from September 6, 2023, to October 30, 2023. We’ve already uploaded the pdf file downloaded from nu.ac.bd/result of the masters final-year result here so students can easily check their results.

NU Masters ResultPdf Download

Masters Final Year Re-scrutiny Process 2024

If you’re not happy with your CGPA for your masters, you can ask to have your exam paper checked again from www.nu.ac.bd/result portal. If you’re unsure about your grades in any subject, you can apply for a review. You can do this on the Nu website: nu.ac.bd/result. So, don’t worry if you got low marks or failed any subjects.

Remember, you’ll need to pay a fee for each subject you want reviewed. The National University will announce details about re-reviewing the Final year masters results for 2024. When filling out the form on the nu.ac.bd/result website, enter the correct subject or paper codes. After completing the form, you must download the payment slip. Make sure to include the Shonali Sheba account number (0218100000135) on the slip. Applications without this account number won’t be accepted.


Did you find out about the Masters Result from nu.ac.bd/result? If not, you can check it on the nu.ac.bd/result website. The result is only available there. Don’t forget that if you don’t visit the website nu.ac.bd/result, you won’t see your result. Make sure to check it out and share the news with your friends. Thanks!

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